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Grants submitted prior to March 1, 2012 have been migrated to our new system.  Those grants can be accessed by reclaiming them.  For instructions, please see the training deck titled "Reclaim Grants" located in the left pane under 'Topics and Tools'. 

This site is for AbbVie Grant and Charitable Donation requests. Funding requests made through this grant management system are only considered by AbbVie.

The following types of funding requests are supported by this online system:

Medical Education Grants:
Accredited programs, including live presentations (e.g., symposia, regional/local programs, teleconferences, live webcasts), and enduring materials (e.g., printed, CD-ROM, audiotapes, slide kits, monographs, and web-based instructional materials)

Educational Support Grants:
Fellowships, Patient education, Screening programs and health fairs, Scholarships to educational conferences, Third-party educational, scientific or professional meetings

Charitable Donations
Awards, Business expense/general office support, Mission Support 


Today is 04/20/2014.

Your request must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the "decision needed by date".

The decision needed by date is the date a decision on the Grant or Charitable Donation is needed by in order to plan, confirm or proceed with the program.

Please keep in mind that grant and charitable donation reviews are prioritized based on the decision needed by date not the submitted date.

All contractual agreements must be signed and accepted by AbbVie prior to the event start date.  Thank you for your continued interest in AbbVie grants.

For assistance, contact the AbbVie Grant Management Department at (877) 228-7177 or via e-mail at